Macchiatos & You: A User’s Guide

Hey kids and big kids! It’s me, your ol’ pal Pat Ryan! We’re relaunching the blog, and it’s not just me, it’s going to be different staff members each week, sharing thoughts, ideas, and other fun stuff. We’re super excited, so keep an eye out to the blog for new updates!!

How was your holiday? Festive? Somber? Bodacious? Mine was awesome, lots of family, and way too much lamb, ham and yam(s). Now that we’ve exchanged niceties, lemme ask you something, guys…

Have you ever had a macchiato?

For realsies.

Have you ever had a real macchiato? If your brain is conjuring the image of a big frothy drink with a caramel drizzle on top, you have not.

“But Pat, it’s on the Starby’s menu. It MUST be what it is.”

Well, character I created for the sake of moving the narrative along, it is not. What you get at most chains that are called a “macchiato” is comparable to saying Taco Bell makes “Mexican Food.” If you’ve ever had the displeasure of paying for stomach cramps, you’ll catch my mean.

At chain stores, when you order a “macchiato,” what you’re really getting is a sweetened latte. We do make something like that here, we call it the “Metropolis Macchiato,” which is not really a macchiato either, it’s more of a sweetened, wet (not as foamy), cappuccino (never say cup ‘o cheeno). However, if you are a bad enough dude or dudette, you should try a real, authentic macchiato!!

A macchiato is a really small drink, and it is pretty much a dream for someone who loves espresso, but wants a little bit of milk foam (one of my favorite parts of any drink). It’s around 2.5 ounces, but ever bit of it is pure magic.

What set us apart from a lot of places is that we press our own espresso. Seriously, get amped up about that fact. We individually grind beans for you and hand press it before running hot water through it. It’s a complicated process that takes a high level of skill that all of our baristas have achieved. So, we have full control over the espresso, how it tastes, and how much is dispensed. I might be dwelling on this, but I’m really proud of it, and so are all of the baristas.

So, once we hand make your espresso shots, we put it into a warm demitasse cup, and foam just a little bit of milk. Foamed milk is such a wonderful experience, if you don’t like foam on your drinks, someone probably messed it up. Ok, so now we have just a little bit of foam, and we drop it right on top of those perfectly made shots. A finished macchiato is a real work of art, it looks like a teeny tiny cappuccino, and tastes like nirvana (the higher plane, not the grunge-rock band, though both are pretty neat).

So put away the whipped cream, toss out the flavoring! Next time you’re in and you want an espresso experience that will knock your socks off. And order a macchiato.

For realsies.

Your friendly neighborhood World’s Greatest Adventurer,

Pat Ryan


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