Olympics: My thoughts and stuff!

I’ve always enjoyed the Olympics.

Not because I’m big into sports, I mean, sure, it’s fun to watch people be really good at a bunch of stuff I would die try…if I ever attempted. I love watching that sort of thing, honestly! 

What I really love is that it is the WORLD coming together for one big thing. For just a few moments in our busy, stressful, over politicalized lives we can hang out and just play some games with each other. Sure, there are probably a couple of fist fights between drunk, over patriotic morons, but that’s bound to happen anywhere in any country at any time.

We’re able to come together as a planet and celebrate our prowess as a human race, and I think that’s something absolutely spectacular. If only we could be that together all the time…


That being said, I feel like we’ve missed out on a fantastic opportunity.

I’m not going to name names, but the network that has exclusive rights for the American broadcast has been unbelievably stingy with their coverage, especially considering the world we currently live in. 

If you’ve got any friends from London, or know anyone that is over there to watch the games, you’re probably getting better coverage from their twitter feeds and Facebook Timelines. Why is that?! We have the means, as a whole planet, to gather up ALL of our cameras, use ALL of our tech geeks, and ALL of the bandwidth we have in our great floating rock and broadcast EVERYTHING live, streamed to the world on the internet (or internet ready devices). I’ve noticed on the Olympic site that you can stream events a few hours after they’ve happened, and I’ve even watched a few of them, but I’ve already seen the results. Twitter has already told me.

We should be able to watch everything transpire as a planet, if there are ten events happening at once, why can’t ten people with smart phones all lay them on the table and simultaneously watch all ten events? Sure, it’d be a major pain in the hind quarters to concentrate on more than two or three, but the fact remains that a feat like this is not unimaginable, and I don’t mean within the next ten years, I mean at this very moment. I’ve seen more than three live streams at once from different people (not news organizations, just folks streaming from their phones) from San Diego Comic-Con. If you can have such complete coverage from a couple of geeks in Stormtrooper costumes, how is the world news community so far behind? And if you’re looking at it from a moneymaking standpoint, think of how much advertising you could toss in there!! It’d be like the Super Bowl times a gazillion.



All of that aside, I hope you’re enjoying the games! I know I am. I love seeing people from EVERY different background come together, work their hardest, train to be the best, and stand next to one another as the BEST that humanity has to offer. We as a human race have so much to offer to one another. Not just by means of sports, but in kinship and love. 


Happy Olympics, guys!


We love you!




~ by grahamschocolate on August 3, 2012.

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