For all the writers, and for the people who don’t write, also.

There was a time a few years ago where I was a real stick in the mud.

Just a sad sack that I totally wouldn’t want to hang out with…Can you believe that?! Ol’ Bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed Pat Ryan was a real bum. 

Y’know the person in your life that nobody wants to hang out with because all they’re gonna do is mess up your perfectly good day?

That was me…uhg…so embarrassing to think about now…

I was bored and depressed.

I needed to get outside of my head for a while.

I needed an adventure.

So, I’d sit and think about things that used to excite me. Doc Savage and the Shadow were two old school pulps that I LOVE from days past. I’d envision myself in these incredible adventures…but again, I was not really in love with myself at the time, so I envisioned myself as a very flawed anti-hero: not the smartest guys out there, and certainly not the nicest, but a hero, more or less. These thoughts absolutely tickled me. I wanted to write them down, but I’ve never considered myself a writer…

A friend told me that the only difference between a writer and someone who is not a writer…is that one of them writes.

Simple advice, but much needed advice

So I put it down on paper. A character who called himself “The World’s Greatest Adventurer” for no known reason, who traveled with his time travel watch (something I’ve wanted since I was about 6, still scouting around on eBay for that gem…) and an Enchanted Talking Knife (based on something I came up with when I was young called the Enchanted Talking Carrot).

The character traveled through time and space, led with his fist (instead of his brain) and was not known for being nice or sensible with anyone he interacted with (including historical figured I idolize, like Tesla) When I finished, I scrawled a title on the top of the front page and handed it off to my friends:\

Pat Ryan as Pat Ryan in: Pat Ryan and the Coroners of a Future Passed

A title silly enough for the contents.

My friends loved it (or at least were sweet enough to lie to me).

I’d done it.

Pat Ryan wrote a story!

Pat Ryan got out of his rut!

Pat Ryan had his Adventure.

Y’know what? It felt awesome. 

So I kept going. And going. Now I’ve written a ton of stories featuring an idiot who resembles me, and it never grows old.

The difference between me writing short stories and me staying in a rut…was that I wrote it down.


What’s your story? What makes you write? What inspires you?

I want to hear it from you, and if you have a link to any of your work, share it with us!!! And if you haven’t started writing yet…Let’s hear your ideas!!


Show me what you’ve got, Graham’s friends!!!!


We love you!




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One Response to “For all the writers, and for the people who don’t write, also.”

  1. Hiya Pat!
    I really liked this!

    Also here.

    That’s all.
    Molly B

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