Beautiful Day, take a picture!!,

If you were to grab someone from the turn of the century, throw them into a time machine, bring them around here and showed them your phone. What would they make of it?

If you think about it, you’ve got an arsenal in your pocket!!

Your phone is a computer, a phone book, a telephone (allegedly, I wouldn’t know) a post office, a camera, a video camera, a shoddy flashlight, a store, a radio, and a gps/map.

All of that considered, what are you doing to save these precious moments forever?

What I’m saying is this; you have the tools all around you, but you forget them because we take things for granted.

Today is a beautiful day, the trees are all alive now, the flowers are blooming, the air is clean and fresh!! Why not use these fantastic miracles of science/magic and use it to share this beautiful world with friends, family, and generations to come. Here’s what I’m proposing: When you see something beautiful, something funny, something that makes you smile, take a picture!! Send it to a friend, post it on facebook, tweet it, and most importantly SAVE IT!! Put it on an external hard drive or a cloud storage service, and eventually have it printed, or put into a scrap book. If your friend is sick, and it’s a beautiful day out, take a video of something wonderful, then turn the camera to yourself and remind your friend that you love them, then send it to them! If you see a sight so pretty that you want to capture it in words, pull out that fancy iPad of yours and write it down, publish it. The fascinating part about the technological world we live in is that everything you create will exist in one form or another FOREVER!! One hundred years from now, someone could stumble upon a picture you took of a park. 100 years is a long time. What if that park is gone? What if it’s now a Walmart, what if it’s a parking lot? You’ll have captured a moment in time.

When you’re here and we make you a drink that blows your mind, snap a picture!

Why not send them to me when you’re done?

Send me all the beautiful things you find, and I’ll post them here, on facebook, or pass it along to the Internet Archive. Let’s save this moment forever, there’s nothing stopping us, aside from us!!


We love you!




~ by grahamschocolate on April 9, 2012.

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