So far so good, and it’s all thanks to you!!!

Hey guys!


Just wanted to shoot you all a quick note, and I don’t have all of your email addresses…


Over the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot more interactive content with you guys, namely the weekly giveaways. They’ve been met with nothing but positive responses and wonderful times, and I’m gonna shoot you straight: I am absolutely loving this.


I said from the beginning that I wanted this stuff to be about you, and I’ve done my best to make sure that everything I do, I do with you in mind first. It’s been a pretty good thing so far, so, let’s keep it up, right?


Nobody is forcing me to write this entry, this comes from the heart.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


Jeez, I’m getting sentimental just writing this!! You guys have seriously been the best, we’re lucky to have every last one of you. When I first started doing these contests, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting in to, or if there would be any response, and admittedly, my first couple of videos were a bit awkward…My degree is in Broadcasting/Communication with a focus on writing and radio production…I’m not really the sort of guy who hops in front of a camera. You guys have changed that. I have been so heartened and overwhelmed by your responses, that this isn’t just a weekly prize thingy that I give away, it’s a time where we can get together and have a good time, as a part of our Graham’s 318 community.

Thank you all for letting me be silly, and playing along with me. Graham’s 318 would be NOTHING without you guys.

You’re our community.

You’re our friends.

I’ll see you here at Graham’s 318, let me know what you think of the videos (for better or for worse, yikes!), and please, if you have any questions for me, or have any ideas on how to make this stuff even MORE FUN, let me know. My email is, (my personal email is, if you really need it) use it whenever.

You guys are so much fun, and I can’t wait to do more things for you guys and give fun things away to you guys. Keep coming in, keep enjoying the coffee, and keep being the BEST group of people I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet!!





~ by grahamschocolate on March 15, 2012.

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